Asrar Qureshi

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Asrar Qureshi

My purpose is to help people when they feel stuck by leading them to unemotional clarity that shifts them from their downward spiral back into absolute power.
47 years of corporate working
To borrow from Clayton Christensen

This is how I measure my life

I measure my life on two counts; how much did I improve myself through learning? And how much did I help others to reach their potential? For myself, I prescribe self-redesigning every three to five years; same for others too. I have done it for myself consistently. And I have helped numerous others to reach their potential.

Strategy, Execution, Leadership, Transforming and Mentoring come naturally to me, and I have honed and refined these skills over the long years. Starting Pharma Veterans Blog and YouTube Channel ‘Life View with Asrar Qureshi’ are also aimed to share the wisdom with others. I have a passion for doing these things pro bono also. Desirous persons are welcome to contact.

The outcomes from 47 years of corporate working are several and multidimensional. By Allah’s Grand Grace, I got exceptional opportunities, and I did exceptionally well during my career. I am now a multi-skilled, multi-functional, multi-disciplinary person.

I have always been keenly interested in all forms of expression. I staunchly believe in the absolute power of communication and its role in self-development, team building, presentations, selling, customer services and overall management.


Book Published September 2022

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Book Published September 2019